These are my computer science publications:

Improving the Numerical Robustness of Sphere Swept Collision Detection – November 2012

I started working on this problem after I became dissatisfied with the collision detection available in dark basic.  Someone else eventually figured out why I had problems with the sphere getting stuck on edges, which I’ll respond tor eventually.


A Geometric Interpretation of the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi Algorithm – May 2015

I found a video by Casey Muratori where he explained GJK and left an exercise to the reader which I decided to solve.  Jay Stelly originally implemented GJK geometrically for Half Life.  I have done it also and described how.


I’ve been working on an implementation of the 1979 Lipton-Tarjan planar separator theorem next, but I’ve put that on the backburner.  Email me at if you’re interested in seeing it completed and I’ll continue depending on level of interest.