Dark Basic Pro Games

I’ll be uploading some of the games I wrote from 2006 to 2009 in Dark Basic Professional.  I remember it was released for free a few years ago, but today it is no longer officially available and has been open sourced for the community: https://github.com/LeeBamberTGC/Dark-Basic-Pro

One option is to compile the compiler from scratch, and then recompile games.  Most of the exectuables are only meant for Windows XP.


So, I tried running the executables on Ubuntu under Wine, and most of them worked, meaning Windows XP games run better on Linux than modern Windows now.   Here are some screenshots.  The 3D platformer is more sophisticated, so I might have to use an actual Windows XP machine for that.

This asteroids clone was the most popular among my friends:

I implemented Pac-Man to teach newcomers how to program in Basic.

A space based breakout game


This is a 3D cooperative puzzle solving pong game where both players need to bounce the pong balls over to a goal


A simple game of Snake



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